Why construction workers love Bettamint?

Rohit Gupta | January 23, 2023

Construction workers are the largest workforce in one of the world’s most labour intensive sectors. They are the lifeblood of business, laying the foundations for many of our most important institutions, from infrastructure to housing and beyond. As the demand for construction work keeps increasing, the workers who toil away on the front lines need reliable ways to find work and get paid for their efforts. That's why construction workers are turning to Bettamint – a revolutionary employment platform that offers reliable and timely payments, accredited employers, lucrative opportunities, a steady income and easy access to credit making it the go-to resource for independent daily wage workers.

Lucrative opportunities

Construction workers using Bettamint benefit from lucrative opportunities. The platform has an extensive network of contractors and builders looking for the best workers in the most competitive sectors of the construction industry. As a result, Bettamint users can tap into this abundance of opportunities, allowing them to boost their income and maximize their earning potential.

Accredited employers

The second thing construction workers love about Bettamint is that every employer on the platform whether a contractor or a developer is fully accredited. That means workers can trust that the employers are vetted and secure. They can work without worrying about getting paid and can trust that their job is secure. This alleviates a tremendous amount of stress and provides an assurance that workers can appreciate.

Steady income

The third aspect construction workers love about Bettamint is the steady income it provides. Bettamint works hard to match construction workers with reputable employers who can offer them steady and reliable income. This means they don’t have to worry about periods of unemployment and can plan ahead with confidence.

Timely payments

Construction workers trust that work sought through Bettamint is reliable, safe and that payments are always timely. The platform is designed to ensure workers get paid, so they don’t have to worry about chasing employers for payment or taking a risk with an unknown employer.

Access to credit

Construction workers love that Bettamint opens up access to credit. The platform has partnered with lenders to provide workers with easy and instant access to credit, which can help cover costs and bridge gaps in cashflow. This can be a huge benefit for construction workers as it gives them access to emergency funds when they need it most.

Skill development

Bettamint’s online training and offline programs are designed to help workers be the best in class in what they do.  Giving workers the certifications and opportunities to develop their skills and grow professionally. This is a great way for construction workers to build a career and improve their income potential.

Power of choice

Workers can now make informed decisions about where they would like to work and for how long. Bettamint offers construction workers the opportunity to find the job that’s right for them. Workers can select the job they are most interested in and one that best fits their location, skillset, wage desired and experience. This provides construction workers with the opportunity to choose the job that works best for them.


Bettamint helps workers find the most lucrative job nearest to them. They no longer need to travel for days in search of work or idle at traffic junctions in the hope of getting employed. Bettamint sends  all the intel to the workers and will enable job opportunities in a hyperlocal radius so that construction workers no longer spend time idling because of travel time. This makes it easy for construction workers to find a job that’s right for them, one that is conveniently located, pays well and guarantees an income.